Brooke MasonAustralian-born photographer Brooke Mason has been capturing stunning images for the fashion and entertainment world for over 15yrs. She attended Macquarie University majoring in sociology as well as the prestigious Wenona School, both in Sydney, Australia.

Originally based in New York City, and now living on the West Coast, her work has been featured on the covers and editorial pages of fashion and lifestyle magazines worldwide. A former international model herself, Mason is well-versed in contemporary media standards of art, aesthetics and beauty. Her life as an artist is greatly influenced and informed by European art and sensibilities. Mason has traveled extensively lifelong, visiting numerous museums and galleries in over 20 countries to date, as well as a year's residence in Southeast Asia.

Mason learned the fundamentals of photography in her youth while spending countless hours experimenting in the darkroom. Today, she still shoots with some of her original cameras, favoring the Hasselblad, and processes film as much as possible.

In her photography, she is dedicated to challenging gender stereotypes of perceived female roles in society. With societal lines between the feminine and the masculine blurring continually. Mason captures both aspects in a single shot. She has a keen eye for representing the physically sensual and sexually provocative in her art and with this powerful new vocabulary. Mason is creating a visual dialogue for us to explore.

She is actively involved in the Los Angeles art community by supporting up-and-coming artists and lecturing at various schools. Additionally, she is a member of the LA Art Association.

Brooke Mason is based in Los Angeles and continues to work on both coasts.